Dis Morta

The wait is over. 33 Years after Think This, the Third Toxik album is available.

The Band

Ron Iglesias - Vocals
Josh Christian - Solo Guitar
Eric van Druten - Rhythm Guitar
Shane Boulos - Bass Guitar
James DeMaria - Drums

In a time that finds the world in turmoil, TOXIK has arisen once again to bring a musical forewarning of the Powers that be. Thirty-three years after the acclaimed master-piece that is Think This was released, its successor is now upon us: "Dis Morta", TOXIK's third studio album, is here.
Stemming from the mind of TOXIK founder Josh Christian and unleashing Ron Iglesias' unrelenting vocal power, "Dis Morta" extrapolates the social-political topics from the previous albums, incorporating real-world contrasts into the ten songs using complex, but harmonically balanced themes.

Originally formed in 1985 and active until 1992, TOXIK put out their two seminal thrash metal albums on the outer edge of the Eighties: World Circus (1987) and Think This (1989).

In 2013, the thrash metal veterans made their return to the world stage - playing renowned metal festivals like Dynamo, Keep It True, Alcatraz, and Headbangers Open Air.

In 2017, TOXIK released the long-awaited EP Breaking Class, featuring a reunion with their Think This-era vocalist Charlie Sabin. 2018 marked the release of their box set, III Works, comprising three discs: 2014's In Humanity recording sessions with original singer Mike Sanders, an expanded version of the 2017 Breaking Class EP with three additional tracks, and an all-new disc from 2018, titled Kinetic Closure. Kinetic Closure features eight re-recorded TOXIK classics from their two groundbreaking albums, plus two new original tracks.

The album also introduced vocalist Ron Iglesias into the Toxik fold. Founding member and lead guitarist Josh Christian, drummer James Demaria, rhythm guitarist Eric van Druten and bass player Shane Boulos round out the current lineup. Toxik is actively touring the globe and hard at work on new music.




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